The Soccer App for Systematic development of youth soccer

Pro Soccer Planner is a complete age-specific and methodical soccer training program. Pro Soccer Planner gives youth coaches and associations full support and guidance during soccer training sessions.


 The Complete Coach's Tool

Pro Soccer Planner supports coaches through workshops, ever-present direction, a website, an app and UEFA TactX 3D session animation. Easy to understand and implement.


Continuous Player Development 

With Pro Soccer Planner your youth program continues to evolve while players develop significantly. Just imagine what your team or club could achieve...


Benefits Everybody

Pro Soccer Planner is a training method for all age groups and all levels. The method aids everyone who wants to be a better soccer player and can be put in practise by any coach.

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Pro Soccer Planner

Pro Soccer Planner is the soccer app that will push your youth program in the right direction. Our series of training sessions fosters a unique vision so that every child learns the best soccer skills while having fun. 

The soccer app and method have been developed for U7-U19 players. Our conclusion after observing numerous matches in various ages throughout Europe was that common soccer problems occur across the board in both the attacking and defensive aspects of the youth game.

Our reaction to discovering these common problems was to create objectives for training and development that help to eliminate the common problems in youth soccer via our soccer app. In addition to the standard objectives, we have developed unique, age-specific training sessions for a full, twelve month season. Activities and exercises are worked into each session in order to reach the ultimate goal: To meet the standardized objectives of a twelve month season.

We at Pro Soccer Planner are offering our methodology to soccer associations, clubs, coaches and the method is fully supported through our soccer app and personal communication.

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