About Pro Soccer Planner

The Pro Soccer Planner is a complete age specific curriculum for youth from 5 to 19 years. Coaches and players work together on concrete goals in an annual plan. That is how they enjoy working on their development.

How does it work?

Coaches follow an annual plan with concrete goals for each age by using the offline Coach app. Everything is covered: technical, tactical, physical and mental development. During the year, the coach and players work on these goals with over 1000 ready-to-use training sessions. The method supports with coaching points, animations of the organization on the field and videos of soccer skills. The method is completly digitally and offline on mobile devices. View the example training

What is in it for the coach?

The players play soccer with more fun and develop ‘playfully’ towards their potential. Coaches are relieved about the content and can focus on coaching. It saves preparation time and coaches can focus on the development of their players supported by the app.  Each trainingsession is supported by field set up animations, learning objectives, methodical approach and coaching points. All this contributes to more fun and convenience. Also the inexperienced coaches are able to provide varied and structural exercises throughout the season, suitable by age and at a minimum of preparation time. The experienced coach can create training sessions from our database and develop their own curriculum.

An added value for the coach is the Play app. The Play app gives the coach a tool to keep track of statistics per player, such as attendance at the training, effort, skills and objectives. In addition, the players can prepare their skills for the upcoming training session.

What is in it for the soccer club?

The learning path and curriculum are centrally secured within the club. This creates continuity, even if coaches alternate. The method turns a youth program into a youth development program. It helps the DOC to provide age specific training sessions for all the coaches on a weekly bases. The DOC can keep their focus on coaching the coaches. Using the Pro Soccer Planner contributes to the retention of members and coaches, so that continuity is guaranteed.

In addition to the app for coaches, there is an app for the players. They can download this Play app for free. The Play app is not only a way to let players play more at home, but also provides the Team managers to keep track of statistics of the development of the players. These statistics shows the development per individual player in the team.

Goalkeeper curriculum

Our Goalkeeper curriculum is added to our platform. The Goalkeeper curriculum seamlessly connects to the exercise material in the Coach app per age group, so that goalkeepers and their coaches go straight into their learning goals and the goalkeepers are also taken care of by Pro Soccer Planner. Just like in the Coach app it is also possible within the Goalkeepers module to develop your own training line by putting together exercises and sharing it offline with other coaches.