Our partners

We want to bring the youth soccer in the Netherlands and abroad to the next level. To make this happen, we collaborate with professional soccer clubs/ associations.

The collaboration has two main pillars. First, our partners introduce the digital soccer method at clubs in their region’s. This way we improve the regional youth development and the clubs are visible at their supporters. Secondly, we are working together to further development of the method. Clubs bring their specialist knowledge and resources in, for example, to develop new modules within the method.

Luuc Eisenga
Luuc EisengaDirector of SC Heerenveensc-heerenveen.nl

VTON and sc Heerenveen have a common objective: to improve youth soccer in the region Friesland. Youth players will learn the right soccer skills with the method. As a result, the youth academies will improve. This way we want to improve the level of youth players from their own region into the youth Academy of sc Heerenveen. In addition, we get even more connection with clubs and improve the Frisian soccer together.

Chicago Fire
Chicago Firechicago-fire.com
Niek Hollewand
Niek HollewandFC Groningen

VTON and FC Groningen have a common objective: To improve and develop club soccer in Northern Netherlands. By using the PSP method you create structured training sessions to youth players. FC Groningen itself uses the PSP app for the FC Groningen coaching days and the soccer camps that is organized every summer

AC Brea
AC Breabreasoccer.org
Sportservice Zwolle
Sportservice Zwollesportservicezwolle.nl

Sport Service Zwolle started their collaboration with PSP with the aim to create a quality impulse to the youth academies of the Zwolle soccer associations. The experience of PSP, the technical expertise and the specialty of Sport Service Zwolle,
focus on the educational climate of the Association, together form an unique combination. Together we can improve the quality of sport and increase participation. This way we strengthen the sports infrastructure in Zwolle.

AA Rekem
AA Rekemaa-rekem.beaa-rekem.be
Join(t) Forces
Join(t) Forcesjforces.nl
Victor Donata
Roda JC Kerkrade
Roda JC KerkradeHarm van Veldhoven - Technisch Directeur rodajc.nl
SC Cambuur
SC CambuurSipke Hulshoff - Hoofdjeugdopleidingcambuur.nl
De Graafschap
De Graafschapdegraafschap.nl
FC Emmen
FC Emmenfcemmen.nl