Privacy and security

Your personal information.

You leave them with us, because that’s just what you need if you want to sign up if you go to purchase our services / products. But we can imagine that you would like to know why we ask for your personal information and what we do with it. We would like to tell you about this. Do you have any questions after reading this:  feel free to contact us.

All data that you leave with us are in well-protected digital environments. Someone who has nothing to do with your data is therefore not included. If we give your details to someone else – you will read below why and when we do that – then we demand that the other person treats your data just as carefully as we do and only uses them for the purpose for which it was received. If you feel that this is not happening, please let us know by e-mail or call us.

Your personal data is used to monitor how you use our services. We use these figures for monitoring the use. We will also use your e-mail address for sending informative e-mails, surveys or invitations for meetings. Your data will only be shared with the football association you are connected to for monitoring and statistics. In a single situation we will share the data with our regional agent, who maintains contact with your association. The purpose of this is to monitor the use and, if necessary, to improve it. We can adjust your details to your request. The association you are affiliated with can also do this. Furthermore, we use the data purely for invoicing towards your association. We expect your association to handle your data just as carefully as we do.

For your account we only need to use your name and e-mail address and we want to know which team (s) you train or coordinate. In most cases it will be that this data will be stored by someone within your association within the application. Because you will use this application we can see how often you download a training for example. Such data gives us and your association insight.

Customer service

You can call or email us from Monday to Friday. To help you quickly with questions, we use your data and we only take notes if necessary and store them in our secure digital environment.


We love reviews. And our customers too. If you want to write a review, choose whether your personal details or your name are visible to other visitors and if we can contact you about your review. We keep track of who writes which review.


Nobody is waiting for fraud, neither do we. That is why we use customer data to investigate, prevent and counter fraud. If necessary, we provide customer data to the government.

Business customers and partner program

We also store data from the contact person of our business customers and partners. If it is personal data, we treat this data just like our other customers.

Social media

If you use social media, for example Facebook, Instagram or others, you can, for example, respond to messages, photos and videos that we have posted. It is possible that we will react to this by liking your reaction or asking a question about it.

What do we do not do with your data?

We will never sell your details to others.

If something is not correct or you want to view your data or have it removed, please contact us by  e-mail: